About Rae & Beam

Beautiful, unique spaces no matter your budget.

Whether you want to start from scratch to design a space, need help putting the finishing touches on a room, or would like assistance in staging your home to list it, Rae & Beam can help.

Great design does not have to cost a lot of money nor require purchasing all new furnishings; sometimes it just requires a fresh set of eyes and some creativity. Unlike many interior designers, Rachel Weise, the owner of Rae & Beam, does not make money based on how much money you spend on furniture or fixtures. She doesn’t care if you buy anything new at all, and in fact, it’s a fun challenge for her to make over a space with things you already own.

A Pacific Northwest native living in Seattle, Rachel embodies the concept that everyone, no matter their budget, should love their space. The daughter of two serial-renovators, Rachel was raised with the DIY spirit and the ability to see potential in spaces where others cannot. Rachel is a lawyer by training, but never wants to stop creating. She launched her first DIY home blog during law school and spent time between classes scouring estate sales, hanging out in hardware stores, and spray painting anything that didn’t move. In addition to her obsession with beautiful interiors and renovations, Rachel enjoys yoga, baking, and travel. DSC_00525mVCl1a+So+X0oe4erOk%Q

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