Though Rae & Beam is based in Seattle, online design services are available. Just ask and we can set it up!

Initial Consultation$150 for 90 minutes. During this Initial Consultation we will get to know each other, walk through the space, and come up with an initial design plan. We may even have time to rearrange furniture, rethink the use of a space, or shop other rooms of your home to complete a space. For some people, this Initial Consultation is enough to get them on their way. You might be amazed at what we can get done in 90 minutes. For others, they may want to purchase additional assistance after this consultation. After an Initial Consultation, you can purchase a Room Plan for an additional $200, or can receive pricing for further assistance packages tailored to your needs. 

Room Plan – $350. A Room Plan includes an in-person (or virtual) meeting to get to know more about you, your needs, style, and budget. After this meeting, Rae & Beam will develop an overall design plan for your room including color palette, furniture, fabrics, accessories, and layout. This Room Plan will include a mood board, list of items to purchase, suggested room layout, and can include items you already have and want to keep. If you don’t love something from your Room Plan, Rae & Beam will tweak the plan until you do. If you want to swap out a sofa, see the board with different paint colors, or want more furniture layout options, just ask!

Home Sale Consultation and Staging – $150 for initial consultation, additional price dependent on scope of work. This option is for people thinking about selling their homes who know they need help preparing it before listing, but are not sure where to start. In the Home Sale Consultation, Rae & Beam will come to your house and do a walk through, identifying the bigger issues to address before listing and offering personalized advise for your specific space. Sometimes, an initial Home Sale Consultation is sufficient to get homeowners ready to sell and no additional Staging services are necessary. However, if you would like more help after the Home Sale Consultation, Rae & Beam can stage your home, mostly using furniture you already own, but with some extra goods added to help you sell quickly for the best price. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to stage a home and save you money.

Renovation Assistance – prices dependent on scope of work. Thinking about renovating? Well, there are about a million decisions that go into a renovation, such as how high to hang sconces, how far apart to space recessed lights, selecting tile that coordinates with the counter-tops, and finding the perfect white paint from among 60 white paint swatches. Rae & Beam can help with any and all of these decisions, and help you identify function/flow elements that you may had not previously considered.

General Assistance – prices dependent on scope of work. Need help with something not listed? Just ask. Rae & Beam can accompany you to the tile store, look at counter-top slabs, help you find a blue velvet sofa in specific dimensions within your budget, or even tag along to HomeGoods when you know you want some help, but aren’t sure exactly what that means. Perhaps anything related to design is just not fun for you – and that’s OK, because I LOVE this stuff. Let Rae & Beam help with the stress of decision-making, and then you can spend more of your time and energy on the things that YOU love.

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